Milton Community Information

Economy and Job Market

The economy in Milton is driven by a number of things. Milton has primarily been a shipbuilding town since the 1700s, which has provided numerous jobs for locals. The economy and job market in Milton is also built by those who vacation in the area, by local college graduates who build their career in town, and by the major industries existing in and around the town that strengthen the business infrastructure. Numerous job opportunities exist near the beach in the neighboring towns, some of which are seasonal.

Parks and Recreation

Milton provides a variety of local and state parks for residents who are looking for a place to relax with family and friends, as well as enjoy sports and other recreational activities. There are a few great historical attractions in Milton for locals and people on vacation. Broadkill River, Wagamon's Pond, Diamond Pond and Lavinia Pond are great places for group outings, fishing, sports and other leisure activities. Milton is also located just a short drive from the ocean, which offers a large number of different activities, attractions and getaway opportunities for residents. Relax at the beach, play water sports, enjoy bike riding trails, and many other sports related activities. Milton plays host to several annual events such as the popular crab festivals.